Interior House Painting

We at Orenico Painting Service know how important it is to have a trusted and knowledgeable person handling your interior house painting project.

This is why every one of our interior painters is reliable, experienced and above all enjoys what they do… and it shows in the quality of our work! We aim to consistently deliver a highest level of service for all of our interior house painting clients.

We know that every house is different, this is why take the time to understand your unique needs.

We are fully insured while working on your property, so there is absolutely no risk to you.

On every job we do we will pay extra attention to all walls and woodwork which is to be painted.

A few major keys to preparing a surface to be painted

  • Covering and protecting all of your valuables (a job is never good if you have to spend your money fixing valuables that were damaged by our job).
  • Bogging, plastering and gapping all holes, cracks and damaged plaster, walls, ceiling etc (defects on surface will stand out more when freshly painted especially semi gloss or gloss).
  • All fixtures such as window locks, sashes, door knobs and handles, blinds and shelves if needed will be taken off the walls, windows, doors etc (you might find it a good time to wash the blinds).
  • Scrapping flaking paint, treating mouldy areas, sanding all repaired walls and woodwork and priming wherever needed is the next stage.
  • And now we are finally there, a minimum of two topcoats will be applied on walls and woodwork. When covering dark surfaces with light colour three coats may be needed.
  • The last stage would be adding any desired feature walls, fixing all fixtures back into place and pack up and vacuum.